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Saint John Community Food Basket Asks The Public For Help With Homeless Kits

The Saint John Community Food Basket has assembled a street kit to help Saint John's homeless and is now asking the public to help purchase the components.

The project will see community groups or corporations purchase and assemble kits containing basic food and survival items, hats and other small clothing items, and personal care products. We modify the kits for the seasons, with winter and summer versions.

Volunteers from the Food Basket will store and distribute the kits to those in need.

The effort grew out of Stephen Javis's concern for the growing number of homeless in the city. Jarvis volunteers with the Food Basket and sits on the organization's Board of Directors.

Social agencies estimate that about 180 people live on the street in Saint John, with about 140 experiencing chronic or long-term homelessness.

For more information, click the video below. Organizations can contact the Food Basket from the Contact page here.


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