The Saint John Community Food Basket was the first food bank in the city and is often a distribution centre for Saint John’s four other food banks. This beacon to the less fortunate was started by four committed individuals in 1984 and has grown to involve more than sixty people. Over time, the need for our service has increased, not decreased. To accommodate that need and to continue distribution to the other food banks, we moved to a new facility with twice the space.  

We are now able to offer “client choice” where people select their own groceries, rather than being handed the same order (whether  they like it or not) each month. While the size of the order is the same, thus maintaining costs, the selection of items has increased. In addition to the usual choices of ground beef, hot-dogs, eggs, canned goods and bakery products, we now offer peanut butter, cheddar cheese, sardines, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, turnips, onions and apples. This is possible in part because we now have the room to accommodate two large commercial size refrigerators.