Support A Local Business & Support Your Local Food Bank!

“What’s with all the cereal?”

You probably already know about the peanut butter, right? Well, a post popped up in our feed that the Food Bank shelves were pretty low on a handful of popular items (note: we’re told that they can *always* use breakfast cereal) so we contacted one of our regulars who hooked us up with some cereal by the case. (thanks, Steve!) While we were unloading the car (you can fit a LOT of Cheerios in a Fit) we found out that, thanks to another generous donation, the Food Bank has been set up with a great supply of NB milk to go with it! We’re still adding $1 from each beer order made on Mondays to the fund. If you know of any NB producers that we should be reaching out to for our next purchase, let us know in the comments.